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Maganas Products

The Maganas Nano Monomolecular Film™
Maganas Industries first major discoveries started in 1986. The Patented Maganas Nano Monomolecular Film™ (US Patent No. 5143745)  is the core of our technology. The Carbon Nano molecule (originally referred to as “dwarfed” in our first patent) is a hollow capped tube with incredible physical and chemical properties. The molecules are a precise 30 Å (angstroms) by 50 Å in height, which increases to 70 Å at high pressure without cracking. The Maganas Nano Monomolecular Film™ is formed by a proprietary alignment of these molecules that fuses them perfectly together into a single layer which generates a unique electromagnetic field within the Maganas reaction chamber (only 3/16”). The Nano film is a perfect insulator that provides incredible protection against corrosion, substantially increased resistance to temperature, and dramatic reductions of friction. Maganas is the only company to offer this unique, proprietary, patented Nano monomolecular film without composites. Johannes Gutenberg University, n Mainz, Germany has tested these materials under conditions of 400,000 atmospheres of pressure and substantial electron bombardment. Their work and additional studies at Cornell University have recently verified the precise size, shape, complex structures and incredible capabilities of the Maganas Nano Monomolecular discoveries.

The Maganas Medical Waste Transformation System™
 The first Maganas Patent for medical waste disposal system, (US Patent No. 5676070) and years of research have led to one-step process that safely and completely destroys  organic, medical, and toxic waste by utilizing a  technology that transforms it into a fuel. This unique new fuel reaches temperatures over 940°C  while 100% of  the organic material is transformed  within 40-60 minutes with no pollution. The process emits only Supercritical Water™ as a gas while 100%  of  all toxic organic waste, pathogens, bacteria, and viruses are totally destroyed by being transformed and consumed as fuel. Massive amounts of thermal and electrical energy is generated  from the transformation of organic waste while the volume is reduced  80%. The remaining  20%  is mineral-rich, inert, sterile, inorganic material that is ready for many commercial applications.
     Materials as diverse as bone, animal tissue, blood, paper, PVC, and plastics have been safely transformed into the new fuel utilizing this method while producing NO pollution or toxic by-products (PCB Dioxin, etc.)
     Traditional medical and organic waste disposal methods such as microwave, auto-clave, and high temperature incineration require massive amounts of energy due to inefficient incomplete combustion. These processes also require dump space for the considerable amounts of unburned fly ash and waste. The archaic methods produce pollution, odor, atmospheric emissions, water contamination, and public complaints.
     Coal  processed by the Maganas System outperforms traditional dirty coal-fired power generation. These  archaic, dirty, inefficient  incineration units require vast amounts of coal, yet produce  very little energy, and create massive amounts of pollution. They only reach temperatures of  400 °F to 500°F  (204°C-260 °C ) due to incomplete combustion  while producing  massive quantities of “waste coal” (unburned) which is highly toxic, dangerous, and expensive to dispose  of.
     The Maganas System transforms coal into a new fuel that generates temperatures of 932°F to 1,058 °F  (500 °C to 570°C) with a single emission of Maganas Supercritical Water™ as a gas. Electricity is being produced directly by capturing the flow of electrons from our Maganas Plasma™ and through traditional transfer of thermal energy into a turbine system. Our process generated higher temperatures for 90 minutes using Appalachian Coal and generated  electricity without producing “fly ash”, unburned soot , odors, or emissions created by traditional methods of burning coal. In our system, the weight of the coal was reduced 80%, and the remaining material is ready for a variety of commercial applications.

The Maganas Complete Combustion Process™
Our diesel pollution control technology described in US Patent No.6962681 B2. is a tested and proven method that solves the problem of incomplete combustion in diesel engines. The process eliminates 99.9% of all atmospheric pollution, sulfur and CO2 from diesel engine operation. More importantly the system reduces fuel consumption up to 66% at all rpm modes. Diesel compression, and combustion chamber cycles are completely controlled by our patented Nano Monomolecular Film™ and our unique proprietary material to produce Complete Combustion™. The process creates muons (OH radicals) and utilizes Supercritical Water™ as a gas to unleash incredible pollution destroying capabilities;. Our system breaks cellular bonds that release 17 inorganic elements to transform the 23 carbon chains (including Sulfur) into a new fuel. Combustion temperatures are reduced to 375°C (707°F) with fully seated exhaust valves. This is about half the temperature of ordinary diesel engine operation of 550°C to 950°C (1,022 °F - 1742 °F) The Maganas process results in much lower fuel consumption, and increased horsepower with an extended engine life with much lower operating noise levels while only emitting Supercritical Water TM as a gas with exhaust temperatures of 110°F

Maganas Semiconductor Materials™
Maganas has achieved major breakthroughs in advanced Semiconductor materials technologies. The  Patented Maganas Nano monomolecular Film™ US Patent No. 5143745 offers incredible advantages for the improvement of Semiconductor capabilities. The monomolecular film can be deposited onto any substrates to create superior resistance to friction and increased temperature resistance. These dramatic changes are yielding incredible improvements to previously limited operational friction temperature barriers. The Maganas Nano Film™ will increase speed, efficiency and longevity of computer chips, transistors, and many other important electrical devices. The integration of new materials will create incredible improvements to digital memory systems and other devices.

Maganas Electrical Power Transmission Systems
the Maganas Electrical Transmission System, U.S. Patent No.7759579 and U.S. Patent 7985922 utilizes the Maganas Nano Monomolecular carbon-based film to reduce power losses due to Corona discharge and other electric line transmission problems .Our process will enhance the transmission speed of electricity within a shielded cable as our electromagnetic field can control the flow of electricity. The Nano film is deposited  on both sides of a shield  to avoid any corrosion. This new Nano technology can produce the greatest improvement in transmission cable performance since the systems were originally invented.

Maganas Nano Film Enhanced Aircraft Surfaces™
The Maganas Nano Monomolecular Film™ can greatly reduce aircraft take off friction, and increase aerodynamic performance, and decrease fuel consumption. It can also help shield aircraft from scratches caused by runway debris, and bird strikes. The system is described in U.S. Patent  No. 7959972  Our film can be placed on aircraft parts, such as the wing’s leading edge and is designed to directly impinge against air during flight, (ascent or descent).  The film creates an improved surface having increased lubricity, and greatly reduced air friction. Propellers, fins, ailerons, nose cones, and helicopter rotors utilizing the Maganas Nano Film™. will see improved aerodynamic performance, lower fuel consumption, and reduced operating costs.

Maganas Mine Safety Systems
The Maganas Complete Combustion System is a patented, proven system to eliminate the dangers of operating diesel engines in mines. The Maganas Mine Safety System, ( US Patent No. 7509798 )  provides the solution to several of the most dangerous aspects of coal mining. These includes potential for ignition and explosion caused by incomplete combustion, and the resulting 700°F muffler temperatures.  This ignition hazard and hot soot can ignite dangerous buildups of methane gas. The Maganas System eliminates those dangers with Complete Combustion™ and a precise combustion temperature of 375°C with constant exhaust temperatures of only 110°F  that prevents mine explosions. Operating noise levels are also reduced from today’s115 db (decibels) down to 85db. Currently mandated spark arrestors, circuit and overload protectors for engines do not address the dangers of incomplete combustion, and the dangerous 700°F muffler exhaust temperatures of ordinary diesel operation. The Maganas System is the ONLY patented, proven method that eliminates all mine dangers.