Maganas Industries is proud to offer our Patented Nano Monomolecular Film. This breakthrough technology with numerous applications is yielding incredible solutions across a range of industries; Medical Toxic Waste  Disposal, Pollution Control, Semiconductor Materials Design, Clean Coal, Diesel Engine Emissions, Electrical Power Generation, Electrical Power Transmission, Aeronautical Design, and Mine Safety. Maganas Industries can customize these technologies to solve many of today’s challenges; increasing fuel prices, climate change, pollution, and mining accidents,

The Maganas Nano Monomolecular Film™

The Maganas Medical Waste Transformation System™

The Maganas Complete Combustion Process™

Maganas Semiconductor Materials™

Maganas Electrical Power Transmission Systems™

Maganas Nano Film Enhanced Aircraft Surfaces™

Maganas Mine Safety Systems™

The Maganas Nano Monomolecular Film and Maganas Complete Combustion are documented proven, tested, safe, reliable technologies that produce dramatic results. Over 25 years of research have gone into the development of these inventions. Our research laboratory in Carson, CA is prepared to demonstrate all our stated claims immediately. Our technologies will reduce costs, and decrease fuel consumption, eliminate pollution, realize efficiencies, increase production, and  save lives. The results from our systems surpass all current and proposed regulations of The Clean Air Act, and E.P.A.- D.O.T.  We are confident that any review of these systems will meet or exceed your expectations. Our results can be reproduced and independently confirmed at any time. We can customize these products to suit many needs and look forward to doing so for your company

Patented Inventions by Tom Maganas (click to download the U.S. Patent)

US Patent No. 5143745
Intermittent film deposition method and system
US Patent No. 5676070
Apparatus and methods for catalytic low temperature degradation of medical waste and other organic materials
US Patent No. 5928618
Methods for low temperature degradation of diesel exhaust and other organic matter
US Patent No. 6235247
Apparatus for low temperature degradation of diesel exhaust and other incomplete combustion products of carbon-containing fuels
US Patent No. 6264908 B1
Methods and systems for the catalytic formation of silicon nitride using a fluidized bed of silica
US Patent No. 6457552 B2
Methods and apparatus for low back pressure muffling of internal combustion engines
US Patent No. 6520287 B2
Methods and systems for low temperature cleaning of diesel exhaust and other incomplete combustion products of carbon-containing fuels
US Patent No. 6962681 B2
Methods and systems for reducing or eliminating the production of pollutants during combustion of carbon-containing fuels
US Patent No. 7509798
Methods and systems for safely operating a diesel engine in a methane-rich
US Patent No. 7759579
Monomolecular carbon-based film for enhancing electrical power transmission

US Patent No. 7985922

Apparatus and methods for boosting electrical power
US Patent No. 2010/0155524 A1
Monomolecular carbon-based film for forming lubricious surface on aircraft parts

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